Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make Your Career In Web Development

There are so many career avenues opening up in today’s world of modernization and internet penetration. Web developing needs are growing every day with more and more people using internet conducive to high demand for web developers.

The job of a Web Developer is to develop a website: from its design to development to functioning. It has to be the wholesome application of ideas and understanding. Web developers can either work as freelancers, part or full timers with a company. The need is to be closely associated with the client in order to understand his website requirements such as the site layout, graphics, content, the look and feel and other things. You may need to acquire training and skills to pursue the profession and join courses for web development.

Courses in web development aim at preparing aspiring web designers professionally. They enable them to work in all fields of web development so that they can meet requirements of large companies. There are various diploma courses, certificate courses and e-learning courses offered these days. Web developing courses are available in:
1.) Web design training
2.) Graphic design courses
3.) Multimedia designing
4.) Web application
5.) Computer systems and networks
6.) Internet writing
7.) Internet law, ethics and policy
8.) Computer language courses

The demand for web developers is growing because of increasing dependence on internet and acceptance of information as credible. Every company today has a website to attain higher accessibility by their target audience. Web developers are, thus, in demand as they are the ones who design, build, maintain and upgrade a website. The services of web developers are needed across all sectors, be it an online shopping website, a networking website, a tutoring website, a company website or a gaming website besides numerous other websites. The support of senior developer is expected throughout all the stages of website development while juniors work on a specific stage or area of the development.

Each stage of web development requires expertise and specialized skill sets. The web designer should possess basic knowledge and understanding of Operating systems and servers, Databases and web programming, Networking and security, Web graphics, Animation and web design software.
These training courses would cover areas like multimedia design, business information systems, web content management, etc. The technology keeps evolving and one must keep him/ herself updated especially in the field of web development. One can take up web language courses to become a web developer from among the plenty of options available. According to the nature of the website to be developed, any of the following web languages can be worked on: Java, HTML, XML, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL and others.

Understanding requirements of the client is the most important and elementary to the profile of web developers. The briefing sessions elaborately discuss the framework of the site that includes putting together of all the functionalities of the site and determining its workflow. The website is then integrated into the client’s system or hosted separately followed by testing of the site to detect problems and fix them if any. The design of the website is frozen according to the functionalities required and the target audience.

One has to carefully choose and pursue the course that helps him/ her achieve personal and professional goals. It should be based on personal choice and convenience so that the work remains interesting and challenging for long. A good web developer needs the perfect fusion of technical skills, eye for design and ability to create to be successful. The problem solving skills, the ability to follow instructions and the people management skills are equally important for a web developer.