Friday, March 18, 2011

Ecommerce web designing

Ecommerce web design is the form of designing and developing a website that will support electronic transactions over the internet. There are various aspects of designing and developing an e-commerce website. The first and foremost is the design of the website. There are a wide variety of ready templates that can be used to design the e-commerce web site. However with the advent of ready made open source scripts like magento, joomla, oscommerce and even scripts with plugins like that of the e-commerce plugins for wordpress, it is easy to start a website fully designed and integrated with all the payment gateway options in a matter of hours. These ready made scripts would often come ready with a gallery loaded with various templates and colours schemes that you ca imply choose to install and your site would be ready.

However for the truly aesthetic and design minded user there are options to custom design your website using a purchased templates and or even custom design a template for you by an ecommerce website design company which will be readily integrated with a open source ecommerce script. Both are economically viable the last one being a tag more expensive. Also if you don't know much of designing then this is the best way to go ahead and create your e-commerce website. There are a plenty of cheap web design firms who can help you get the work done.

The second thing is which script to go for or whether at all to go for a script or have something created for you. To be honest both has its limitations and disadvantages. If you choose to buy something online or even use something like joomla and oscommerce, you have the option to avail a lot of help from the open source community and from the manufacturing company if you are going to buy one. The problem with having something custom built is that you won't have the support unless you pay them extra for the support. Also if you choose to later on upgrade your script you might need the source code for your new providers to be able to change that source code and then make the changes. Over all with the availability of a number of ready made scripts the first option should be those. Choose something that you are comfortable using and hen get started with a template.

The third thing is the payment gateway that you need to get the transactions processed online. Paypal seems to be the worldwide choice in this case. However paypal has its own disadvantages. Thy charge exorbitant fees and has a very bad customer service team. Also in some countries paypal is not accepted as a legal form of payment. If you are not outside the USA and the Europe and you customers are also not from any other countries then paypal is okay for you if you can take the commission pinch in every transaction.

Another thing to remember is the server that you need to host everything after the site s ready to be launched. Many server companies will offer you huge bandwidths and other perks but go for something that is reliable. Even if that means that you will have to pay a bit more but that means peace of mind when your site will be online for a while and your customers will know your site. You don't want to have a situation when your site will be down for days together for some issues which your server hosting company did not intimate you upfront.