Saturday, March 19, 2011

3 Best Advantages Of A Web Site

For many businesses in the past, traditional advertising was word of mouth.They would also figure out as many marketing technique as possible.They would think in terms of "if I spend £X on this advertising, I should expect to make £Y in sales" and thus a Return on Investment calculation is calculated.

These days though professional websites can create an entirely new revenue channel for your business, allowing people to find, make inquiries, browse products services, all with very little cost to the business.

1st Advantage - Additional income

A business website allows people to literally spend money with you without having to walk past your shop in the street, with no physical presence the beauty of the world wide web is how using the website to capture business from people who might otherwise have never spent money with you in the first place.

2nd Advantage - Low Overheads

With a physical store you might expect to pay thousands of pounds each year just to keep the store running. Storage costs, rent, staff, electricity and utilities etc.When you have an effective business website you can still sell your products just as you would normally, however the running costs of the business is almost nothing in comparison to a physical store.

The majority of costs associated with running a website each year are simply renewing the domain registration, and renewing the web hosting fees. Of course you need to factor in the cost of initially having the website designed and built professionally, however even this cost is very small compared to establishing a shop front and operating a physical business location.When creating a site you're investing a web design company to design a professional website and also the system acts as at least two assistance that you would have had to hire if you were in a physical store.

3rd Advantage – Keeping in touch with customers

If you're selling products and services over the internet then you'll no doubt begin to collect a database of past customers. This is a great resource because it allows you to keep in touch with them, and present them with offers to encourage repeat business!

Many real world stores would have to rely on other advertising, or the customer remembering to come back to them to make an additional sale, however when you have a customer database, you could send them an email.It's a free way to encourage repeat business, and create opportunities to further up-sell customers, and can greatly increase the amount of money your business makes each year.

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