Friday, March 18, 2011

Hidden Secrets to Effectively Market Your Website Revealed

So, we have designed you a killer website and you want to get the news out about it. You have a head full of ideas, enthusiasm abounds and you're desperate to begin building your internet empire. So where do you start?

To begin with, web designers in Fort Lauderdale offers SEO services. There's no better way to get yourself to the top of the search engines. However, if you want to help yourself too, there are a few things you can do to help your cause.

We talk a lot about marketing and promotion, partly because it's what we do alongside website design, and partly because it's vital for any commercial website. There is no point spending money having us design something only to ignore it once it goes live.

The good stuff out there, whether we build it or not, deserves to be seen. Many sites will gradually pick up a following, others will need a little help. Content is only part of the equation. An important one yes, and something we have covered before and will cover again no doubt. The content is why people will visit, it's what makes it all worthwhile for both you and the visitor.

I'm not going to talk about the obvious things like adding a blog, paying for Adwords or other PPC marketing.  We offer those marketing services, and will be happy to talk to you about them outside this blog. Here we are going to cover simpler things that anyone can do to promote their site. Things that will also promote your business as a whole.

First up is branding. A coherent brand is an essential marketing tool, whether you're trying to promote a website, yourself, or your business. It's a focal point to identify you and what you stand for. We will probably include any existing logo into your website design for you, but you should also put it on everything else you use.

Every letter, email, invoice, enquiry, business card and piece of stationery must be branded. It should include your website and email address and any social media contact details you might have. Giving clients and prospects as many ways as possible to contact you is the best way of marketing your website.

Guest posting is also a useful tool is promotion. It not only creates backlinks in those blogs that don't add Nofollows, but it also creates authority for your voice. The more good stuff you put out there, the more believable you become as an authority on your chosen niche. This authority creates brand loyalty. If you can be relied on, and people believe what you say, they will buy from you.

Offering something for free is also a great way to get exposure. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, it could be an eBook, a sample of your product, or a graphic. It should be something related to what you do, but make it free. This creates goodwill between you and your audience. If visitors can get a sample of what you do, they have more confidence to buy what you're selling.