Thursday, March 24, 2011

Designing a New Website With Important 5 Points

Well who doesn't have a website in today's world? Internet has gripped everybody's mind right from individuals to businesses, government institutions, schools, hotels etc. If it has not gripped your mind then you would have been living under a rock for the last decade. So in a world of technology it is important to have a good interactive website which will attract more visitors to your site.

Who said you need a swanky website to attract visitors? All you need is a decent website that will provide precise information to your visitors. It should be easy to navigate and easy to use. I will share a few points which will help you to go on the right track towards getting/building an interactive website. Let me tell you these points are just simple and basic nothing out of the world and technical. You might consider them lame but they are important. So here are certain things you should care about while building a website.

Color Schemes:- You should use the right color depending upon what your website is about. If you are an organization/ business/ educational institution etc that has a logo or a certain preference for a certain color then you can go with that. For starters, you can use two or three different basic colors. But do not use different color for each page. That is the worst you can do to your website. If you do not know what color to choose have a look at some of the competitors websites and get an idea. For example: You will not choose a fiery red for a hospital website. That will be a turn off. In that case, you can choose subtle and soft colors. So whatever you choose you do it wisely.

Page Size:- You must have seen in certain websites that pages sometimes are really very long. Sometimes you have to scroll for miles to reach the bottom or the sides of the page. Now you seriously don't want to have that. It's better to have a 800 x 600 webpage which is more or less the standard size of a webpage.

Page Loading:- If your website is taking forever to load then people will just leave. We do not like waiting for buses then who wants to wait for a website that takes 10 minutes to load. There are several of them out there. Too much graphical content can also result in loading problems.

Easy to Navigate:- Now what users like is to get access to information easily. But if the information is not easy to access then you may not find that user coming back to your website. So make sure your navigation bar is labeled right and easy to use which will make the user experience better.
Background:- I have come across some websites where they have a swanky background like a picture or something and it makes it hard to read the text. What is the point in having a great background but the text is not readable? It means your website is of no use because it can only look pretty and it cannot provide any information even though it has in it. So make sure that all the content on your website is clearly readable and everyone will be able decipher what you are saying.

Right Balance of Images and Text:- Do not clutter your webpages with images and text. D not put more than 3-4 images in a web page and do not have huge paragraphs. Rather have few small paragraphs consisting of 4-5 lines. This will look neat and tidy and your visitors will be able to easily read the content. Also get rid of spelling mistakes and wrong grammar or you might end up disappointing your visitors.

So if you follow these tips you will be on the road to having a successful website. Again these are just basic tips only for starters. Many would ignore these points but this is what makes your website a success.

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